My Journey, A Lifetime of Verse

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'My Journey', is a collection of verse and full color photographs. It is a compilation of the last 27 years of Trina's life, in words and pictures. The beauty of southwestern Colorado, where she has lived happily since 1997, will take your breath away.

A domestic abuse survivor, Trina Sonnenberg used writing as a coping mechanism during her years of abuse. This book is the result of that personal struggle and has been published as a way of offering solidarity and hope to others who are in a similar situation.

Available in paperback or download.

56 pages - 38 full color photographs - page size= 8x11

Download a copy now for $5.00!

Or you can order the paperback for a bit more...

Hi Trina I read your entire book (download) and Loved It! People need to know that they can get out of an abusive relationship and change their life. You are truly wonderful to do this with others.

~Barbara DelGiudice

PS. I just got your book "My Journey" in the mail Trina, and I love it!! It's beautiful. It is a treat to sit down and read a book instead of the computer all of the time. Your poetry is beautiful as well as the pictures! I read it to my birds because I don't have children. They like to look at pictures and listen to me read. They love to hear my voice. Yes birds are highly intelligent creatures :)
I have just read your book . What a wonderful collection of beautiful and expressive poetry!!

You have exhibited a true gift! The flow of the words is wonderful and each one tells its own story, and yet collectively tell one big story, I felt your struggles, and heard your anger and always sensed the thread of hope that you never let go. There were moments of joy and laughter, tinged by the underlying sadness and feeling of entrapment, but I never sense that hope was lost. Your uncanny ability to birth these beautiful writings from tears and then laughter is amazing! Great job, Trina!!

~Judy Smith

You did an outstanding job on that book. I love how you blended those great pictures of Colorado into every page.

Trina's book is a perfect blend of prose and pictures, which help to tell her story. I for one enjoyed reading it and was touched by what she said. I hope my other friends here will enjoy it as well. Hope you have a good night
~Nick Schultz
I don't normally read poetry other than occasionally to my kids, although I can appreciate it. I think you write beautifully. In "My Journey" you've captured so much feeling I could just feel the pain and that glimmer of hope that you managed to hold on to. It was a very good read and my heart goes out to you.
~Wayne Evans
I bought your book and I love it. I am a poet and I have my books at lulu and amazon also.
~ Patricia

Download a copy now for $5.00!

Or you can order the paperback for a bit more...

My Journey
A Lifetime of Verse
by Trina L.C. Sonnenberg

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Forever And Always... A True Love Story
A memoir by, Trina L.C. Sonnenberg

Copyright © 2008-2010
Trina L.C. Sonnenberg
All Right Reserved World Wide
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